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SaVeHicle, a personal bank for kids, was created by a dad frustrated not having a practical way of helping teach his children proper money management.

Our hope and purpose is to help children find their Passion in Saving, a Purpose in Spending, and a Hope in Giving.

SaVeHicle was created by a parent for parents.

We are committed to helping you and your child establish healthy financial habits.

It’s Simple…SaVeHicle Is A Personal Bank With A Key. Oh Yeah!!!…

We encourage parents to keep the key with our KEY Partners!

We aren’t saying that you can’t keep the key or that our Key Partners have to keep the key because you can. It’s yours! We just don’t want you to receive text from your kids like this when you borrow their money!

Let’s stop living pay check to pay check!

Three components to SaVeHicle are Saving, Spending, an Giving.

Your child will only have access to Spending and Giving.

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