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A program designed to grow your business with youth and their parents!

SaVeHicle, a personal bank for kids, was created by a parent for parents to help teach healthy financial habits for their children.

Do you want to save kids from being financially illiterate and irresponsible? Me too!

Hi, I’m Jonathan Anglin. As a parent of 7 children, I have a deep desire to make sure my kids grow up to be financially responsible individuals. As I started to search for a simple way to begin teaching my kids about money, I didn’t find much and as I began talking to other parents, I discovered they were struggling with the same issue.

That’s why I created SaVeHicle, a tool to help adults start a healthy conversation with children about saving, spending and giving. As I started using SaVeHicle, I quickly learned that starting the conversation isn’t the hard part.

Continuing the conversation is the challenge!

After sharing SaVeHicle with friends, family and community members, I found out that there are many financial institutions, like yourself, that have a deep desire to help kids become financially responsible. After visiting a few locations, I noticed that some of them had educational programs in place but many times, these programs didn’t have meaningful tools that helped hold the parents accountable in continuing the conversation at home.

Give Your Employees Something Easy to Talk With Members About!

We understand what it feels like to think you have a great tool or program but to quickly realize the struggle of getting your team excited to talk about it. SaVeHicle is a natural conversation starter because it’s designed to be a fun, engaging personal bank for kids.

Become a SaVeHicle KEY Partner

We are looking for financial institutions that want to teach kids to be financially responsible through saving, spending and giving. You can create a whole new program around SaVeHicle or use it to enhance financial literacy and youth programs that you already offer.

When You Become a SaVeHicle KEY Partner you will:

● Have something exciting to talk about with prospective and existing members

● Attract new members by coming alongside parents to teach their kids the value of money

● Provide new incentive for existing members with children to open a youth savings account

● Fulfill your financial literacy requirements with an easy to understand program that teaches children to Save with Purpose, Spend with Passion and Give with Hope

● Create more reasons for individuals to come in and not only visit your location but open up an account

● Attract a new age group of children who will see the value in visiting a financial institution

Here’s how you can become a SaVeHicle KEY Partner:

1. Schedule an Appointment to meet SaVeHicle. Click Here!

2. Customize the program to match your goals

3. Hit your membership goals this year by getting more youth accounts and parent members.

Schedule an appointment today So you can stop having nothing memorable to talk to kids and their parents about and instead provide your community with resources for kids that teach good spending habits, which will bring more individuals to your door.

“SaVeHicle is educational and offers one of the most unique and simple ways of creating long-lasting saving habits for children..” Tim Scholton

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It’s so easy a child can explain it!

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