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SaVeHicle was created by a parent for parents, children, and financial institutions. If today’s parent was honest with themselves, they would tell you that they have a hard time establishing healthy financial habits for their child. SaVeHicle solves this problem for parents and allows a legacy to be left behind for future generations!

We can not begin to thank the number of people who have been involved in the development of SaVeHicle. We will forever be indebted to the efforts made by those people who believe in SaVeHicle and the value it brings to the marketplace.

Our company is P.O.I.N.T- A Designs, LLC.

Our hope drives the passion of SaVeHicle. We love the fact that Financial Institutions give to non-profits! We do not want to take anything from that. In fact, we envision and encourage Financial Institutions to educate Jr. members on the charities they support, which will only drive more Passion, Purpose, & Hope!

We will constantly strive to be innovative with SaVeHicle’s capabilities through creative stories, road signs, video games (being developed), and educational tools that will encourage, inspire, and provide hope to a world that desperately needs it.

We are NOT a non-profit organization but have the heart of one.

Discovering and accepting why you were created brings about true passion and purpose in life. Our Hope gives us Passion and Purpose. We all were created for a reason. If you haven’t found your passion, purpose, and hope, we would love for you to support Point A Designs by helping us take care of those in need through the efforts of SaVeHicle.

We are excited to offer SaVeHicle to Credit Unions in the efforts of helping children spend with a purpose, save with passion, and to give with hope!


SAVEHICLE Trademark Information

Point A Designs, LLC

Educational services, namely, providing, arranging, and conducting, educational programs for youths in the field of personal money management and personal finance to encourage saving, provided through financial institutions


U.S. Pat. No. 10,212,998 issued Feb 26, 2019 application No. 15/245,613.

What are Children and Credit Union experts saying?

What Financial Experts are saying

Tim Scholten

Tim Scholten
President, Visible Progress LLC

“As a past executive with one of Central Ohio’s largest banks and now a consultant with Community Banks and Credit Unions, I have seen organizations continue to look for creative ways of educating children and families about banking.

SaVeHicle is educational and does offer one of the most unique and simple ways of creating long-lasting saving habits for children. It teaches children to save with a sense of purpose, and see their money grow.”

Greg Kidwell

Greg Kidwell
President, Pathways Credit Union

“In terms of a product designed to promote and facilitate youth savings, SaVeHicle is very unique and innovative. In my 25 years in financial services, I have not seen anything else like it.”

Karen Daniels

Karen Daniels
Sr. Vice President, Member Services, Telhio

“When approached about the SaVeHicle concept, I was very excited! Telhio is deeply interested in helping young people become wise stewards of their money. As a credit union, we’re experts in teaching fiscal responsibility. Having a fun visual tool like SaVeHicle will assist in teaching our youth how to budget and save.”

What Children are saying

“I can’t wait for SaVeHicle to get here! I can have a special place to put my money to save for camp. I think it’s so cool!”
Shelby, 9

“I want a SaVeHicle”
Janna, 6

“Having my own personal bank that allows me to save for important things is awesome. Being able to have a place to put money to help others is pretty special too!”
Emma, 12