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What is a SaVeHicle?

1. SaVeHicle is a personal bank that empowers families to teach the balance of saving, spending,and giving. What makes it such a powerful tool is the opportunity for education and accountability that comes from our KEY Partners.

2. SaVeHicle has three compartments for Saving, Spending, and Giving. Children have access to the spending and giving compartments but NOT the Savings.

3. SaVeHicle holds Parents, Children, and even our Key Partners accountable by utilizing our patented lock and key.  It encourages the Key to be kept in the possession of a financial institution or financially responsible adult.

Our Desire Is That We Help Others Find…

Do you want to save kids from being financially illiterate and irresponsible? Me too!

Hi, I’m Jonathan Anglin. As a parent of 7 children, I have a deep desire to make sure my kids grow up to be financially responsible individuals. As I started to search for a simple way to begin teaching my kids about money, I didn’t find much and as I began talking to other parents, I discovered they were struggling with the same issue.

That’s why I created SaVeHicle, a tool to help adults start a healthy conversation with children about saving, spending and giving. As I started using SaVeHicle, I quickly learned that starting the conversation isn’t the hard part.

SaVeHicle, a personal bank for kids, was created by a dad frustrated not having a practical way of helping teach his children proper money management.

Understanding how and why to Save with Passion, Spend with Purpose, and Give Hope to others are the three principles to its success.

SaVeHicle Is A Personal Bank with a KEY.

We encourage our KEY PARTNERS to keep the KEY.